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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Call Today and Demand the Change our Governmental Representatives are Failing to Produce!

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC, today's show introduced the ‘Young Invincibles’ @Kilcare on his show today, and young people get it, the higher education system is broken. It is an endemic system issue; tuition is unaffordable for those in the underclass, raising rates on tuition, inflating higher interest rates on Stafford loans, and cutting state educational budgets is not the answer.

How can we supply an educated workforce for the next generation without the proper tools and make those tools affordable. Let’s use and take advice from @ZacBissonnette & @Jason_Reads: "federal student loan program should be run more like a credit union.” Let’s look at why they system is broken for those who need it the most, those with the least money. And why isn’t anyone in Congress and Senate doing more to assist the Americans who put them in office?

How far will the issues in Higher Education go until you have a system that is endemically broken? I have one idea, call your Senators and Congress persons and demand they do something other than nothing. I have a complete phone and address list, please look below a few posts down and start making your phone calls today and demand the change they are failing to produce!

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