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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Nightmare for Seniors, don’t let Washington take away what little financial resources they have!

I just moved  a few months ago to care for my elderly Grandmother, she has early stage dementia is not capable of doing much for herself. But, what I can tell you---her dogs are giving her hope for her future. Now, if my Grams didn’t have the rent to pay for an apartment in a retirement community and could not have those dogs, I feel she would leave this world. Now the reason I said that, is because if my Grams had to pay 20% of her SS check for student loans, she would not have the funds for food and her medications? Should we really be treating the ones who built this country, basically from the ground up, this way? NO!

Washington has and continues to garnish what little money seniors are getting. They already live on money that is far below the poverty threshold. What kind of county treats those with the least, the worst?

That is just one story of many. Maybe you know of someone who is having a hard time due to student loan debt. Send a card, a silly email, make a call, everyone needs support every once in a while and know they are not in this student loan debacle alone.

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According to those over 65 years and over represents: 13.1% of our population (male 17,745,363/female 23,377,542) (2011 est.) that total is 41,123,905 million individuals 65 and over.

To add to the devastation, according, “At the same time, older Americans are increasingly finding it necessary to keep working—because their nest eggs and home values took a beating during the Great Recession, and/or because they still need to pay off credit cards, mortgages, student loans, and other debt. In 2001, just 13% of Americans ages 65 and over were employed; that figure ballooned to 18% by last summer.”

Seniors alone owe 36 billion in student loans. That is staggering amount of money for people who have worked so hard all their life, and they still have the daunting concern of worrying about student loan debt. Do they eat, pay rent, or pay for medication or do they pay the student loans, that is the question?

Plus, how is it even possible with a population of seniors a little over 41 million owe 36 billion? Ask yourself that?

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Please, help protect seniors from having their Social Security Checks garnished for Student Loan Debt!

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