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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today’s News on The Student Loan Debacle

However, I do disagree with one statement he made; “We’re not yet an oligarchy.” I happen to think the values the politicians and the ‘plutonomy’ holds over the so called ‘have not’s’ (me for one) would afford the 1%ers the title oligarchy and American society is definitely not based on meritocracy.

Hansen Clarke is attempting to help those with student loan debt, maybe to the chagrin of his career, but ‘we’ those of us with  student loan debt appreciate his magnanimous gestures in submitting the Student Loan Forgiveness Act H.R. 4170 even if it turns out to be futile; at least more people will become aware of the Student Loan Debacle. For more information on Hansen Clarke:

Senator Marco Rubio states, “he still owes on ‘student loans’” and will support the measure that will freeze student loan interest rates. That is great, now will he assist in the legislative process of finding out the true problem for the crisis that brought the student loans debacle here in the first place? Those student loans and its lending practices are the ‘thing’ that is driving up tuition costs. Colleges should be held accountable for the students who have high student loan debt and defaulting on that debt. Colleges should also be co-signing loans and be held accountable for just being diploma mills and doing little for their Alumni.

Because, many students were sold a bad bill of goods on the degrees those choose. Not one financial aid adviser or officer offered (me) any information as to the amount of money I would make in a life time for my degree. In hindsight, that was my fault, for not doing research on my own, to find out both of my degrees are about useless, economically speaking. And my student support services adviser recommended the degrees I got, so now I have 2 degrees and what do I do with them? I’ll tell you what I will do; I will be an indentured servant for the rest of my natural born life.

Is this my fault, my student loan debacle, mostly that and the lack of jobs, due to the ‘Right to Work’ state I live in and the ‘slave-wages’ who beget that legislation in the first place!

Fox News has an article out today that states the obvious, Student Loans are a Burden, but it’s the lack of Jobs that Hurts America More! Your absolutely correct, when is the Senate and Congress going to do their jobs, and create more avenues for job creation, when are they going to offer many more incentives to bring back American jobs, that they allowed to leave in the first place.
Really! NCLC Report Distorts Student Loan Debt Collection

I have added a post on your rights as a consumers in regards to unethical student loans collections practices of what they can and can not do.

52 Days left to pass a rate freeze on Student Loans!

Another person Rep. Peter Welch joins the student loans debt battle, “Welch is pushing for passage of H.R. 3826, which would extend the current 3.4 percent interest rate on Federal Direct Stafford Student Loans.” 

Mr. Welch’s plea for assistance for students and the struggles they are facing:

It has a great deal of information: for instance, certain loans that are forgiven are tax exempt, there is a form to give to your employers to see if your job qualifies for a non-profit status. “"You don't have to wait 10 years to find out if your job qualifies," Kantrowitz says.”There's a form you can have your employer complete that will say whether your service qualifies.”

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